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My debuut Naupaka is now available worldwide from bookstores, Amazon, Google Books and Kobo and more ..!


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"If you are a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Eat Pray Love' then Naupaka is an absolute must-read. It's an incredible true story about a heartbreaking choice of love. 
Broken by the caregiving and death for the love of her life, the main character leaves for Hawaii. The place where her friend asked her to marry him. She befriends a kahu (Hawaiian) shaman after which a magical inner and healing journey begins. Naupaka is tangible proof that dreams do come true and legends do exist. It is definitely our favorite this summer."
Television host Humberto Tan -
"Naupaka is a book of fragile courage. You keep asking yourself, 'What would I do?'"
- Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant-
"Naupaka is one of the most controversial books of recent times."
 -Famous Dutch writer Jan Siebelink-
"I read Naupaka in one go. It is written clearly, tightly and realistically. You see it happening before your eyes and the characters are made of flesh and blood."
Grazia Magazine 
"Naupaka is an absoluut must-read"
Ranking: 5 stars
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the story


legends are alife

‘Will you marry me?’ Sander asks me on the beach of the Hawaiian island Kaua’i at daybreak. He kneels down before me in the fine sand and hands me a pearl white flower as big as my thumb. ‘Of course,’ I cry out. ‘Take a look at the shape of the flower,’ he continues, more serious now, ‘see that it’s actually a half-flower? It has to do with an ancient legend about two lovers who lived right here in Hawaii. They were inseparable. Pele, the volcano goddess of the island, tried to seduce the man, but their love was way too strong. In a blind rage she tried to bury him in lava, but her sisters intervened and transformed the man – who had fled to the mountains – into half a flower. The goddesses did the same with the woman, who had taken refuge on the beach. According to the legend they will one day be reunited.’ Sander lets out a deep sigh: ‘We are also being torn apart by evil, by my disease, and we will not grow old together either. But what I do know is that we will one day become one flower again, just like in the legend.’


Nine months later I have to let go of my beloved, the man with whom I have spent the past thirteen years of my life. I hand in my notice as a fashion journalist and move from Utrecht to Big Island, Hawaii, to work on an ecological farm. Not just to come to terms with my grief and to gain back my strength after the debilitating struggle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but also as a way to heal the Naupaka flower. I discover that my new home is located at the foot of Pele’s volcano and as if she’s calling me to her, I venture out into the black lava fields on the second night of my stay, to meet up with her in the churning lava.


For Hawaiian natives the legend of Naupaka is still very much alive and when I let myself be swept along to all kinds of holy places on the island, I start to understand why. An old medicine woman, a shaman and a group of wild spinner dolphins show me that my presence here is no coincidence. I too have been torn in half, just like the Naupaka flower. The six years of illness, with all the fears and shattered hope, have robbed me of my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love. ‘You have to write a book,’ insists the medicine woman, ‘to share the lessons you have learned.’


Back on Dutch soil, I follow her advice and seclude myself for several months to write. When the end of the book is in sight, the unavoidable question pops up: Is the Naupaka flower whole again? The answer comes to me early one Tuesday morning, in a coffee place in my hometown. Suddenly everything becomes clear. By writing this book I have become the embodiment of/I have integrated the life lessons I have learned. Naupaka has healed me. Naupaka has allowed me to blossom with new life force. The flower is perfect.



Create your own life

Naupaka is tangible proof that dreams do come true and legends do exist. With the lessons the writer has learned, she wants to motivate readers to follow an identical path. The writer’s mission statement: everyone can heal his- or herself with Naupaka, the lessons from Hawaii.


Detail: the front and back cover of the book feature pictures of the two half-flowers, portrayed in such a way that when you open the book, the flower becomes whole. Those that read the book not only keep the living alive, it’s an eye-opener to start living their own dream. The life the reader wants to create.




reviews  Healing journey


"Lide is an incredible guide and friend. We had many magical and mystical adventures on the big island, involving everything from green sand beaches, kahunas & powerful healing rituals, mudbathing, long, deep conversations into the night, & more. She has a powerful connection with Pele, the fire goddess, as well as clear vision, intuitive wisdom, & a big heart. I highly recommend Lide."

–Turiya Summer

"I met Lide 3 years ago during her own healing journey on the Big Island and had an automatic sisterhood connection with her. A year later after a battle with cancer and finding out the cancer had come back, Lide and a group of other beautiful women took me to meet a Kuhuna for blessings and a healing journey to Green Sand Beaches of Big Island. It was such a beautiful experience and truly healing. I could feel the ancient healing powers of the island and the love of the sisters around me. Lide is very intuned with Pele, the fire goddess of the island. I am blessed she was introduced into my life. I hope she continues to touch others with her gift. Mahalo nui loa Lide. Many blessings and aloha."
–Jade Allen